Destined to help others with image as my mother once said, “Melissa’s only drive for going to 2nd grade is to see who is wearing which barrettes in their hair.”

My main life goals are to see the world, meet interesting people and live everyday to the fullest.  I incorporate the same desire in style by how I dress, everyday is a new opportunity to express how you feel and how you want the world to view you. 

Creativity, art, fashion, interior design and connecting with my community fulfill me with a daily contentment and great satisfaction with life.  While I still have a lot to accomplish I have a few accolades under my belt personally and professionally. Some of my previous work and accomplishments includes: style consultant for Barclays Center & several NFL teams, innovative marketing for Nellcôte, RM Champagne Salon, Old Town Social, representative & speaker for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, assistant to the editor for Urban Daddy Chicago, named one of Chicago Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans, Cheeky Chicago Style Savant of 2012, and a new member of the Lynn Sage Foundation. 

With Midwest, East Coast, West Coast and European work and living experience, I love to bring global design to my clients.  What you are seeing on your block isn’t necessarily what is trendy on Melrose, Bleeker, Champs Elysees  or Corso Vittorio Emanuele which is why I try to incorporate style trends from here, there and everywhere for a worldly look. 

With all my creative interests my passion for fashion is everlasting, it is one of the rare ways to express yourself without saying a word.



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