Prague Fashion Find

I recently went to Europe for a wedding in Budapest and was lucky enough to bounce around to Prague and Vienna as well. Once I arrive to a new place I am instantly on the prowl for that city’s best shopping. You may or may not know my love for vintage clothing, but I feel like finding a cool vintage piece is the ultimate high, it is like finding a piece of hidden treasure. Vintage pieces create a special organic look that you know nobody will find on the racks of Zara or Saks. Mix your vintage find with modern looks and you are good to go with a unique style and sense of special style. The shop I am featuring curated a wonderful collection of vintage, new, slightly worn pieces from the likes of Emma Cook, Philip Lim, Moschino, hard to find japanese designs and the list goes on… it is now on my list of global favorites.

The owner is a stunning beautiful blonde with her adorable dog following her around the shop. She opened her shop for with a passion for fashion and special love for unique vintage pieces- a girl after my own heart. So, fashion lovers, if you are in Prague- do yourself a favor a say hello!

the Item Prague

Item Owner

Shop Address:

Michalska 463/18, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Like them here:


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