Freaky Footwear

I admit it, I am a shoe freak. Nothing makes me feel more confident than wearing great fitting jeans, a crisp white tee and my favorite clutch with a steller pair of stilettos. Perhaps you have noticed the trend of wild (some may say fugly) footwear, with some of the top designers going to creative extremes for their Spring collections. The pics below are some of my favorite uglies.



Celine SS13Need to save on pedicures this season? Pick up these Celine tootsies.

Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood- you are an accessories Adonis- but throw some purple hair on the back to pull up the zipper and they could be repurposed My Little Pony. 

CelineCeline- oy. 


These remind me of the strap on Fisher Price roller skates I had when I was four, thanks for the memories Prada!


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