Soldier Field Run May 2013!

Getting ready for the Soldier Field Run at the end of May. Luckily I have a village of helpful tools to keep me ready- running partners, classes, Nike Fuel band, and stylish looks from Nike. While I gave up my passion for running for awhile the many years of highly competitive races and training, this time of year evokes all sorts of happy memories from my younger days of track and field. How did I run everyday and compete until the point of exhaustion and… barfing at the finish line? Well running gives a personal satisfaction unlike any other sport, it is just you, the path and your thoughts. Running is my personal therapy and I am very excited to start my 12 week training program and hopefully finish my goal time of 1:20:00.

In Chicago, there is a wonderful community which Nike has started, last year you could participate in sports at the Field House and now ladies can enjoy workout classes at the newly opened Nike Training Center on Armitage. They offer amazing classes (most complimentary) a running club (which I am joining) and a support system to keep you encouraged for your goals. See you on the mean Chicago streets getting my run on jamming out to Jay-Z and Hot Chip!

nike photo

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.49.57 AM


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