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03.20.2012 by Jana Smith

Check out new ad for the April/May 2012 issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine.



  My life was picture perfect, I had a wonderful husband, John, and we were starting our lives as newlyweds.  John and I were planning our lives with the hopes of starting a family immediately!  This “perfect life” was tainted the day I found out that I had thyroid cancer.  How could a healthy, young woman like me have thyroid cancer?  My life as I knew it was completely changed!!

After my diagnosis, I knew that surgery would leave scars on my neck.  I wanted to find a way to hide them, and that’s when I discovered jewelry design.  I could design necklaces to cover my scars, and feel confident again. During my overwhelming and emotional treatment and recovery, jewelry designing became my way of focusing my positive energy into my true hidden passion! I had this continued desire to create so I expanded into designing bracelets.  My signature retail pieces are the Lucky 7 bracelets, the Stud bracelets and the Y necklaces.  In addition, I offer an exclusive one of kind necklace collection.

Who would have thought that such a devastating experience would change my life in such a positive way?  It has lead to creating jewelry that I personally hand make for others.  This profound gift has enabled me to provide awareness about thyroid cancer and as a result, a percentage of all my proceeds are donated to THYCA – Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc.  Because my work is associated to such a great cause, I gain an enormous sense of appreciation and accomplishment in helping others while going through what I experienced first hand.  Life does go on after cancer, in conjunction with starting my business, Anaj jewelry; I am a mom to three beautiful and wonderful children.

All photos shot by the very talented Maria Ponce Berre.


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