Grocery Essentials

From time to time I have women ask me what I eat and my workout routine. To be quite honest I exercise twice a week and the rest is focused on what I eat. Remember the term “garbage in garbage out”, the garbage you put into your body will show up like garbage on your thighs. Below are the ten essentials I keep in my fridge and cabinets. They are all no fuss, easy to prepare and primarily require “heat & serve” or “open and eat”.

1. Think Thin Bars

2. Fage Yogurt- 2% with Fruit

3. Feta Cheese

4. Favorite Fruits & Veggies. Typically apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers & peppers

5. Trader Joe’s Fiberful Fruit Bars

6. Pirate Booty- Gluten-free, cheesy & delish!

7. Hemp Oatmeal, Rich in Omega 3

8. GT’s KOmbucha

9. Bells & Evens Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Strips

10. Hummus, extra protein and flavor to eat with raw veggies

Sure there are other things I pick up when I am at the grocery store but the above are my can’t live without items in my cabinet & fridge.

Happy Shopping.


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